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Watts Up 100A Inline Amp - Volt - Watt Meter

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WU100-BK Watt's Up Digital DC Ammeter, Amp Hour & Watt Hour Meter

While this is not the least expensive meter on the market, it is the most accurate. The accuracy and features of this meter make it perfect for determining the effectiveness of performance upgrades for your planes. This meter connects between your plane's ESC and battery and shows data in real time. The meter also shows peak and minimum values. This lets you know exactly how effective your upgrades are and also aides in troubleshooting problems. The Watt's Up meter makes a great troubleshooting tool. Is your ESC able to handle an upgrade from a 3 cell LiPo to a 4 cell LiPo? Now you know. Simply connect the meter and check the Amp draw.

NOTE: The meter comes with bare wires. You will need to solder on the connectors of your choice. It also requires a male to make servo lead for power.

Measures 8 DC Values:

  • Amp-Hours: (0 - 65)
  • Watt-hours: (0 - 6554)
  • Amps: (0-100 peak)
  • Watts: (0 - 6554)
  • Peak Amps & peak Watts
  • Minimum voltage ("sags")
  • Voltage: (0 - 60)


  • Watt meter circuitry measures electric current up to 100A
  • 16 character, 2 row LCD display
  • Small size and lightweight - 2.8" L x 1.7" W x 0.83" D, 2.3 oz.
  • low 0.001 Ohm insertion resistance means it doesn't interfere with the components you connect it to
  • Built-in current shunt resistor
  • Easily reset accumulated readings using external pushbutton switch
  • Self powered (~ 0.007 Amps) or use an auxiliary battery

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