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Blade RC Helicopters

Blade RC helicopters offers a wide selection of beginner coaxial and fixed pitch, as well as, advanced collective pitch radio control helicopters in both BNF and RTF. Popular Blade helis include the Nano CP, Blade 120S, 180 CFX,  200 SRX, 230S, 270 CFX, 300 CFX and 360CFX. Available in both scale and 3D offerings with onboard flybarless controllers .. and 6-axis gyros which help the pilot hover while learning the basics of helicopter flight.

If you are a beginner RC helicopter pilot we recommend either a coaxial or fixed pitch helicopter. The Blade Scout and Blade mCX2 are great beginner coaxial RC helicopters. Our best selling fixed pitch Blade helicopters include the Blade 120 S and Blade 200 SR X. All of these models are available in either Bind-n-fly (BNF) or Ready to Fly (RTF) completion levels. BNF models require the pilot to purchase a radio separately, and RTF models include everything you need to fly in the box.

If you are more experienced and ready to move to a collective pitch helicopter, we recommend starting with the Blade 230 S. This Blade heli has an onboard 6-axis gyro which will self level/hover the helicopter in flight. True advanced RC helicopter pilots will opt for the Blade 270 CFX, Blade 300 CFX or Blade 360 CFX which are capable of advanced 3D maneuvers such as inverted flight, funnels, loops, and pirouettes. If your space is limited the Blade Nano CP S is a fantastic indoor/outdoor mini RC heli. Most advanced Blade helicopters are only available in Bind-N-Fly.

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