Introducing The Banshee!

The new Freewing Banshee 64mm EDF Jet is the perfect introductory model for those seeking to break into the thrilling world of foam Electric-Ducted Fan jets, or for any Jet Jockey who loves the thrill of jet flights.


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Go Deep!

Discover the amazing undersea world with Chasing Innovations Submersible ROVs from Motion RC


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Posted 10/25/2016

(VIDEO) How to Fix a Stuck Freewing Retract - When the Retract Will Not Fully Deploy

This video demonstrates the simple retract pin fix for Freewing retracts.
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Posted 02/24/2022

Top 10 RC Airplanes for Beginners

Top 10 RC Airplanes for Beginners Radio-Controlled (RC) Airplanes are a great way to get your feet wet in the wonderful world of model aviation. They also provide an excellent...
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