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We carry the HobbyEagle brand of gyros for RC Airplanes and RC Drones. HobbyEagle gyros are easy to use, inexpensive and really enhance the flight characteristics of RC Airplanes... 

HobbyEagle gyros can be used in just about any RC Airplane. The advantages to using a HobbyEagle gyro in your RC Airplane are better performance in windy and blustery days, easier landings on days when crosswind landings are unavoidable, and more consistent elevator, aileron and rudder response independent of airspeed.  

A gyro is installed between the receiver and the servos for the control surfaces, and in "Rate mode" damps and stabilizes the airframe. Some HobbyEagle gyros have "heading hold" mode, which means when the gyro is in heading hold mode will command the servos to move the control surfaces just enough to attempt to keep the aircraft in a particular heading until a stick command is given from the pilot to change course.  

HobbyEagle offers gyros with rate and heading hold modes, as well as "6-axis" gyros that can offer the pilot a "bailout" when the aircraft enters an attitude in which the pilot is not comfortable. The term used is "auto-recovery".  

Initial setup and calibration is extremely important when using gyros in RC Airplanes, luckily HobbyEagle gyros have detailed instructions are very easy to set up and use. Motion RC even has videos that can be watched to aid in set up.

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