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dubro rc parts and accessories

Du-Bro RC Parts and Accessories

Dubro has been manufacturing top-quality parts and accessories for radio-controlled airplanes since the early 70's in their factory in Wauconda, IL – just minutes away from Motion RC's US warehouse! Their selection is as vast and top-quality as their years of experience, and we’re pleased to be able to provide their cost-effective parts and components for sale to Motion RC customers and RC aircraft hobbyists alike.

Dubro creates a wide assortment of replacement pieces for many different types of RC airplanes and helicopters, including clevises, control horns, hinges, pushrods, screws, snow skis, tools, tubing, wheels, and hundreds of other accessories. Are you in need of hinge tape that is reliable and long-lasting? Dubro’s electric flyer hinge tape has you covered- literally! Or, are you in need of low-bounce treaded wheels for a smaller RC airplane? They also have exactly what you need, in the form of their 2-pack of 3-inch wheels. The possibilities are limitless when combining Dubro’s comprehensive replacement parts and Motion RC’s supply of high-performance RC aircraft. Try upgrading specific components with Dubro parts, and see if it makes your model an even greater thrill to fly! From tap and drill sets to super-strength landing gear, silicone tubing, and over-ride servo saver kits, we have a fantastic selection of Dubro parts, components, and accessories to suit your needs.

We at Motion RC carry over 330 replacement and upgrade parts and counting! Exciting new products arrive often in our online store, and you can expect fantastic reliability, optimized performance, and a wonderful flying experience when fitting out any RC airplane or helicopter with some of the components we have on offer. Take to the skies with confidence, thanks to Dubro’s precision-made replacement parts and accessories!

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