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Flightline RC airplanes

FlightLine RC Airplanes

FlightLine Airplanes represent amazing scale RC Airplanes for the intermediate or above level pilot. They feature retractable landing gear, LED lighting, and meticulously crafted details. FlightLine airplanes feature models such as the Ta-152, Hawker Sea Fury, La-7, F8F Bearcat, Focke-Wulf FW-190, Spitfire, P-38L Lightning, F7F Tigercat, and the new B-24 Liberator...

These airplanes are all available in the PNP completion level, so just add a receiver and battery, and you'll be ready to tear up the sky and enjoy scaled-down realism unlike any other electric RC plane on the market. As with any intermediate skill level RC airplane, we recommend that you've had success with beginner models prior to taking flight with one of FlightLine's scale models – it all makes for a more seamless, personal and fun flying experience!

Aside from the aforementioned features, FlightLine airplanes include all sorts of other great little technical innovations that are sure to make your flying experience smoother, more fun, and a breeze to control. From flight-ready assembly construction, included batteries to get you airborne quickly, to integrated electronic speed control and powerful brushless power systems among many other features, it’s never been easier to get airborne and stay up there in refined style.

Additionally, FlightLine airplanes are built for unprecedented historical accuracy. Whether you’re looking to mimic the chaos of World War 2 dogfighting or simply have a passion for the golden years of flight, you’ll find no shortage of satisfaction with these models. Painstakingly precise color schemes and detailing – right down to the lettering and riveting – lend an enhanced nostalgic feel to FlightLine airplanes designed to resemble real-world counterparts from yesteryear.

Our selection of FlightLine planes is designed for absolute reliability, controllability, resilience and lasting enjoyment for pilots and observers alike. Expert aerial hobbyists, you’ll notice fine attention to detail from the components outwards. This results in a highly responsive, nimble, and strong RC airplanes that can handle putting on an incredible show.

But what if you’ve thrown a propeller blade, damaged landing gear, bent a wing or encountered problems with your ailerons? Never fear, for our team of RC airplane specialists can help you find the perfect replacement part. We carry a wide range of FlightLine replacement parts and components to ensure that your time on the ground is minimized as much as possible.

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