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ztw esc electronic speed controls

ZTW Electronic Speed Controls (ESC) and Battery Eliminator Circuits (BEC)

ZTW offers the broadest range of high-quality Electronic Speed Controls (ESC) and Battery Eliminator Circuits (BEC) for RC airplanes, helicopters, and multi-rotors. ZTW offers ESCs with current ratings from 6 amps for small airplanes up to 155 amps for large airplanes, scale helicopters, and large EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) Jets. If you need a replacement ESC for your aircraft, check the product page on our website, as we include the recommend ESC for all airplanes and helicopters that we sell. If you are purchasing a ZTW ESC for a non-Motion RC brand or a scratch-built project, it is important to choose the correct ESC based on the voltage of the battery you intend to use and the proper current rating for your intended motor usage.... 

These products come included with a wide array of innovative, future-facing features that are designed to lend maximum performance, reliability and responsiveness to your RC model aircraft. For example, the ZTW Mantis 85A ESC with 5A SBEC includes support for high-RPM motors, Advanced Governor mode, super-smooth and accurate throttle linearity, auto-throttle shut down capabilities in the event of signal loss, proactive thermal-resistant over-load protection, more optional motor timing and soft acceleration setups. The end result is a flying experience that is more energy efficient, reliable, and long-lasting without extra effort required on the pilot’s part.

The job of the ESC is to take power available from the battery and proportionately power the motor based on throttle stick position. The secondary job of some ESCs is to power the receiver and servos. This is done with a "Battery Eliminator Circuit" or BEC. Some ESC's such as the ESCs labelled "High Voltage" or "Opto" do not contain a BEC. In this case, a separate small battery or external BEC is required to power the receiver and servos. ZTW produces premium quality external BECs in 10-amp and 18-amp current capacities.

For the most reliable flying experience, unprecedented maneuverability and responsiveness, and streamlined operation through more efficient components, ZTW is the go-to manufacturer for aerial hobbyists of all ages and experience levels. With meticulous quality control and premium-level products at affordable prices, there’s no better place to begin enhancing your piloting experience even further. Take to the friendly skies with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment today.

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