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ZTW Electronic Speed Controls (ESC)

We offer a wide variety of Electronic Speed Controls from ZTW.  They are high quality, and easy to use.  It is important to choose the correct ESC for your RC Airplane based on the voltage of the battery you intend to use, and the proper current rating for your intended motor usage. 

ZTW offers ESCs with current ratings from 6 amp for small airplanes, up to 155 amp for large airplanes and EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) Jets.  If in doubt on which size ESC is appropriate, it is usually recommended to choose one slightly larger than slightly smaller. All of the airplanes that Motion RC sells has a recommended size for the ESC.

The job of the ESC is to take the power available from the battery, and proportionately power the motor based on throttle stick position.  The secondary job of some ESCs is to power the receiver and servos. This is done with a "Battery Eliminator Circuit" or BEC.This circuit in ESC's equipped with a BEC eliminates the need for an additional battery to power the receiver and servos.   Some ESC's such as the ESCs labeled "High Voltage" or "Opto" do not contain a BEC.  In this case, a separate small battery or external BEC is required to power the receiver and servos.  ZTW produces very good external BECs such as the 10 amp, and for RC airplanes with a lot of servos the 18 amp version.  

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