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E-Flite RC Airplanes

E-Flite RC Airplanes are a really exciting brand with some innovative features such as AS3X, and SAFE.  Trainers, sport aerobats, scale warbirds, EDF Jets and gliders, E-Flite truly has something for everyone. AS3X stands for "Artificial Stabilization, 3-Axis", meaning, yes RC Airplanes with AS3X are stabilized with an electronic gyroscope. SAFE takes AS3X a step further, and includes self...  leveling capability, and other aids designed to make flying more enjoyable for pilots with less experience.  You can learn easier, and faster when flying an E-Flite RC Airplane equipped with SAFE.  

The E-Flite Apprentice is the original SAFE RC Airplane. Electronic bank angle limitations prevent the model from entering inverted or stalled attitudes, and returns the RC Airplane to level flight.  It's as easy as letting go of the control stick!

If speed is your thing, the Rare Bear is your BNF ticket into 100mph+ thrills.  Equipped with AS3X, this RC Airplane simply hauls!  

Sea Plane lovers are not forgotten by E-Flite.  The officially licensed Icon A-5 can be flown off the water or the runway in minutes with removable landing gear.  Great scale looks, and amazing performance over the lake are what the Icon A-5 is all about.  

Night flying is easy with the Night Visionaire, and the Night Pawnee Brave.  Flying at night adds a whole new dimension to flying.  No need to stop when the sun goes down whether you love 3d flying with the Visionaire, or sport flying pass by pass with the Pawnee Brave.

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