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RocHobby RC Airplanes

RocHobby has some really great RC Airplanes for intermediate and advanced pilots with some really cool RC Airplanes that are sure to get your adrenaline going.  EDF Jets, Sport 3D Aerobatic, gliders, and Racer RC Airplanes are all available from RocHobby.... 

For Jet enthusiasts, The 64mm F-16 is a great flying and affordable EDF Jet.  It is a perfect choice for a first Jet. It is a nicely detailed EDF Jet with a 64mm fan unit that is sure to be a favorite.  The Super Scorpion 70mm EDF Jet is a hot performing sport jet with cool twin vertical stabilizers and a cool red and white trim scheme. 

The NXT Nemesis, Strega P-51, The Voodoo P-51, and F2G Super Corsair, are fast, and agile racer RC Airplanes.  They will get your heart pumping as they streak down the runway!

The soaring crowd will be excited about the RocHobby V-Tail glider.  Whether you're a seasoned thermal chaser, or a glider newbie, the electric powered V-Tail will satisfy your urges to soar with the birds!

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