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Help Protect The Special Rule for Model Aircraft (Section 336)

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  •  In recent years the explosion of drones (i.e. "quadcopters", etc.) into the public domain has been a double-edged sword to the RC aircraft hobby.  It's been great in the sense that the joys of RC flight has been discovered by tens of thousands of people who may have otherwise never thought to give the hobby a try.  The downside is that many people without any previous experience or training will attempt to fly these drones - and some which are quite sophisticated - without basic regard for safety and even common sense.

    There have been increasing media reports around the world in recent years involving someone flying a drone near airports, or commercial and civilian aircraft, or events with large groups of people, and even near wildfires.  In some cases these drones have crashed injuring property or people.  In one case it was discovered an intoxicated man crashed his drone into the White House!

    This has understandably caused much apprehension and concern with the FAA and various sectors of both federal, state and local police and emergency services.  In order to combat this Congress created the Special Rule for Model Aircraft that basically keeps those of us who always fly safely exempt from unrealistic and oppressive regulation.

    There is talk recently that the next reauthorization bill for the Federal Aviation Administration will eliminate the Special Rule for Model Aircraft – also known as Section 336 – which has allowed AMA to manage their members and fly safely and responsibly, as the club has for over 80 years. Losing the Special Rule would be a devastating blow to our hobby.  

    At Motion RC we feel it is of paramount importance for all responsible flyers of the hobby - whether you are an AMA member or not - to let your voice be heard.  You can send a letter or sign a petition to let Congress know that the Special Rule for Model Aircraft must remain intact.

    You can sign the petition here:

    AMA's Official Statement:

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