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How To Choose Your First EDF Jet

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  • You've mastered the high-wing trainer.  You even moved into low-wing, aileron airplanes and maybe even taildraggin' warbirds.  Look it you go!

    Now you're ready to enter into the thrilling sector of Electric Ducted Fan jets.  

    These days, EDF jets are everywhere.  Like most airplanes, if a full scale exists, chances are there is a remote-control version somewhere.  However, not unlike your progression from high-wing trainers to EDFs, there are right aircraft and wrong aircraft to choose as your first. 

    A smart choice would be any jet with decent wing surface.  Try to avoid small, delta-shaped wings at first.  Just like with any airplane, the more wing surface, the more lift and general stability.  Surprisingly, the 64mm F-16 and F-18 are not bad first EDF jets, especially if you are drawn towards scale-looks.  Both have decent wing surface area with nice glide properties.  

    Look for jets on the lower end of the price range as these often suggest trainer-type jets, or at least ones that won't ruin your day if they crash.  The worst thing you could do is invest in a top-shelf, high priced 90mm EDF with all the bells and whistles as your first jet.  For one, these are high performance jets with powerful fans and motors and large sized LiPo batteries that can all conspire to not only create a very unpleasant crash but dangerous one as well for someone new to EDFs.

    Try to stick to the lowest mm size at first.  Get your feet wet and when you feel confident, move up to the next size.

    Micro jets in this regard make for great first EDF jets.  They are lightweight and can't do too much damage in the event of a crash.  

    As always, if you are not sure, please feel free to contact our customer support staff who are a phone call away - 224-633-9090 - Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm Central time. 

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