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How To Find Out The Scale Of Your RC Model

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  • There are times when you need to find out what the scale of your model is.  For myself, often times I am wanting to replace the stock pilot but it doesn't do me much good if I don't know the scale of my model.  Below you will find a simple three step method that will supply you with your answer so you can make the right choices for your model.

    I acquired a Fly Fly ASW 28 and wanted to find a nice scale civilian pilot for it.  The scale was never listed anywhere that I could find online so I knew I needed to find out the scale on my own.  This is how I did it.  (This same formula applies to any scale model).  

    The first thing I did was find out what the wingspan is of the full scale ASW 28.  A quick search online told me the wingspan is 49 feet 3 inches ( or 15m / 588 inches).

    The second thing I did was confirm my model's wingspan.  In this case it is 99.60 inches (2.53m).

    So in this example we have a full scale ASW 28 with a wingspan of 49 feet, and a RC model ASW 28 with a wingspan of 99 inches. To figure the scale, we do the following:

    Step 1

    Take the wingspan of the full scale plane and convert it into inches (49 x 12 = 588).

    Step 2

    Next we divide the full scale wingspan by the model's wingspan (588 / 99 = 5.939).

    Step 3

    This gives you a ratio of the model to the full scale in inches which is 1" to 5.939" or in other words approximately 1/6th scale.

    I hope you find this formula easy to use to help you determine your RC model's proper scale.

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