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How To Waterproof Your Float Plane

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  • Category: Tips and Tricks
  • (Thanks to Peter Taylor for submitting this article)

    When flying from water the biggest issue is keeping water spray out and there are a few things that you can do to help with this:

    1. Tape over the edges of any access hatches that you do not need regular access to, servo covers, equipment access hatches etc.
    2. Carefully adjust the edges of the battery hatch to minimize the possibility of water getting in there.
    3. Pack pushrod exit tubes with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and check regularly as this will collect dirt that may bind the pushrod. Renew as required.
    4. Insert the receiver inside a balloon once everything is bound and connected. You can also use a cable tie on the closed neck of the balloon with more Vasolene to keep water out.
    5. Try to obtain and apply CorrosionX to all electronics, including motors. This is a specially formulated corrosion/water inhibitor and works extremely well.

    Be warned though - you'll be amazed where water gets! Empty out any that has found its way inside after every flight and keep the model somewhere that it can dry out thoroughly between flying sessions. Above all enjoy it...flying from water is great fun!

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