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L-39 Board MCB-E Issues?

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  • We have encountered some customers who have been having issues with their L-39 MCB-E control box.  The customers who call with problems are connecting everything to the control box and putting the gear down and immediately noticing they can’t steer the front gear.  It sounds like the rudder and steering servo are out of sync.

    The procedure to put them in sync is the following.  Do this with the radio on and battery connected to the ESC of the plane (do not power down plane or radio during tests).  For safety, use throttle lock on your radio.

    1. Remove steering servo wire from the steering servo port on the MCB-E and connect the steering servo wire to the 2nd rudder port on the MCB-E.
    2. Test steering and rudder.  Everything should work.
    3. Cycle gear up and down 2 – 3 times.
    4. Put gear up one last time.
    5. Reconnect steering servo to the steering servo port on MCB-E.
    6. Test steering with gear up – rudder servo should work, steering servo should not move with the gear up.
    7. Put gear down, steering servo should work.

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