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Loose Bearing Pockets On Your Elevator Shaft? Here's A Fix

Posted by Wayne Mallaber on |

  • Category: Tips and Tricks
  • Recently we published a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for the Freewing 90mm F/A-18C Hornet, which in part discussed the elevator mounting plate.  If you have this model, or a similar model that uses a bearing pocket on your elevator shaft and you find that there's a bit too much play for your liking, here's a simple fix.

    You can add paper shims like the ones in the photos to really help tighten things up a bit.  You can use hobby scissors and tweezers to help.  Also, numerous shim material can be used such as aluminum foil, tape from a label maker, art paper and shim paper.

    The effect will greatly reduce any play in the shaft/bearing section, further strengthening your elevator for added security.

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