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Regarding The Dynam V2 Retracts

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  • It's important for customers to note that the new Dynam V2 retracts have the same 10-12 second delay as the V1 retracts.  Although the internal mechanism has been upgraded and improved, the delay is the same.  Once you plug in your retracts, wait 10-12 seconds and then you should hear a "click".  Once you hear the click the retracts are ready for cycling and should work perfectly.

    This delay appears to apply to digital radios only.  Using a non-computer radio (like the Gavin 6A as example) causes no delay with the V2 retracts.  

    We recommend that you test your Dynam V2 retracts with a receiver and not a servo tester.

    Here's a quick video showing the retracts and delay.


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