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Reversing Cowl Flaps on an FMS 1400mm T-28 or the Oil Cooler Door on an FMS 1700mm Corsair

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  • I have a better solution to the flap servo problem on the 1400mm T-28 (see pictures below).  The front cowl spoilers use 1 forward and 1 reverse servo. When the wing flaps and cowl spoilers do not operate in tandem, we can simply swap the right and left servos in the cowl.

    1) Remove the door for each spoiler on the front of the cowl (see first picture).

    2) Remove the single screw which holds the servo in the cowl area. (make sure you unplug the wires from the 4 way servo harness).

    3) Simply swap the two servos, reinstall the doors, and run the wire back to the harness.

    Reversing Cowl Flaps 1Reversing Cowl Flaps 2Reversing Cowl Flaps 3

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