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What and When Is The Next Big Release?

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  • Over the past couple of years our relationship with Freewing has resulted in the  development of some fantastic and even award-winning scale EPO models.  We couldn't be happier and more proud of these models, especially when we hear from our customer family how happy they are owning and flying them.  

    Our success is in direct relation to our customer's perpetual confidence and satisfaction with these models.  As R/C pilots ourselves we too get to enjoy these models first-hand so that confidence and satisfaction is felt and appreciated by all of us.

    We are often asked when and what the next big release is.  We pride ourselves in keeping our mutually-developed models with Freewing very close to the vest during the research and development phase.  We like to have a little fun while we all wait for the next big reveal as Senior Product Developer Alpha Enos has an entertaining thread on Hobby Squawk titled "What's next Alpha?"  In this thread Alpha will offer ambiguous clues often with a project name such as Project Foil.  It's great fun to try to guess the next model.  Some of the guesses are quite well thought out!  

    If you haven't done so already, we highly recommend subscribing to our free sales and product information newsletter.  Subscribers are always the first to hear about our latest product releases.

    Simply scroll to the bottom of any page on this website and enter your email address in the input field and click on the little right arrow.  Be sure your email address is correct and remove any emails coming from us from your spam or junk folder.  We will never sell your email to third party lists and we are mindful about not sending more than one sales/product info newsletter per week.

    Hobby Squawk is another great way to hear about new product announcements.  There's always an official thread about any new model that goes live the same time the product page does on our website.  So between our weekly newsletter and Hobby Squawk, you will be first in line for any and all of our major product announcements.  

    What model would you like to see produced?  What size?  We genuinely listen to your comments, suggestions and wish lists so keep the communication going and join the conversation today!

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