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What Remote Control Transmitter Should The New RC Modeler Choose?

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  • Category: Beginner Help
  • There are all kinds of remote control devices in the market supplied for the RC modelers to choose, but how to choose a good one for beginners is a big decision for new RC enthusiasts. Radios transmitters are referred to as radios, transmitters, controllers, control boxes, or any combination of those names.

    Motion RC carries the top brands in the RC business for radio transmitters which are the most suitable for the class of aircraft we sell. Futaba, Spektrum, Hitec, and Tactic are among the world's most respected, utilized, and supported radio transmitter brands. Generally, with the exception of using a certain device called AnyLink in specific situations, most brands of radio are only compatible with their same brand of receiver. So think of the radio/receiver as a combo. The choice of which brand to go with is a significant choice, because once you choose a brand, you will likely never change to another brand. 

    A helpful tip when deciding which brand of radio/receiver to choose for your RC hobby experience is to look at what other pilots at your local flying field are using. If your friends are flying a Spektrum radio and enjoy it, for example, then it would be advised that you consider a Spektrum radio because your friends will be able to help you navigate its menus more easily. This is important because learning how to operate all of a radio's functions can be one of the most time consuming tasks in this hobby, and menu navigation is specific to each brand/model.

    The radio controller is a tool to allow that the model airplane runs regularly and smoothly. So when we choose a radio, we should first make sure that it has a warranty of security and reliability. Secondly are the functions of the radio itself and the grade of this product. Some radios have drawn much attention from RC modelers with its low price.

    However, keep in mind that while cost is always a concern for most of us, you don't want to sacrifice quality and performance to save a few extra dollars.  A radio is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in the hobby so it makes sense to consider investing in a quality radio.  In the long run, this could save you heartache from inferior radios and potential loss of aircraft.  

    There are a wide range of channels available when getting started. Most new pilots seem to start with a 6 channel system which is perfectly fine. The recommended system for today's technologies is a 2.4 Gigahertz radio with at least 8 Channels. This is because the latest generation of RC aircraft are full of fantastic amenities such as sequenced gear doors, retracts, LED nav lighting, flaps and more.

    Motion RC is happy to offer a wide selection of quality radios for the beginner to the advanced pilot.

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