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Dynam RC Airplanes

Dynam RC Airplanes represent a great value in RC Airplanes for the beginner or intermediate pilot.  From beginner RTF (ready to fly) models that include the transmitter, and the RC Airplane, to PNP scale warbirds, Civil Aircraft and EDF Jets, Dynam produces some really amazing High Quality RC Airplanes for just about anyone.  

For beginner pilots, the SkyHawk v2, the J3 cub, and the Scout are all great choices.   The J3 Cub and the Scout have ailerons and are capable of rolling maneuvers, while the SkyHawk's rudder/elevator control provides an easy to fly "go to" for many newer pilots.  

For intermediate pilots, Dynam also produces scale warbirds such as the F4U Corsair, T-28, the F6F Hellcat, and the BF-109.  These planes look great, fly great, and are priced affordable for pilots that have mastered RC Airplanes at the beginner level.  

Dynam offers some great twin engine RC Airplanes. The PBY Catalina has twin engines and the ability to take off and land from the water!  The C-47 Skytrain is a scale troop transport airplane used extensively by the Allies in WW2, and is still used by various military today.  The Dynam C-47 Skytrain is big too, boasting a near 6' wingspan!

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