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SkyRC Electronics

SkyRC manufactures a wide variety of chargers and charging accessories.  Offerings from SkyRC include chargers for budget conscious hobbyists, power supplies, and higher end chargers for experienced hobbyists... 

SkyRC Chargers offers chargers that are AC powered, meaning they plug into the wall outlet, and DC powered which means they need a power supply, and can also be used with the battery under the hood of your car.  Some are the best of both worlds AC/DC, and can powered by the wall outlet, OR a power supply. 

If you're new to RC Airplanes and RC Helicopters, a budget charger is enough to get your batteries charged efficiently and without fuss.  The SkyRC e4 is a great charger that is simple, easy to use and is AC powered for convenience.  

The SkyRC T6200 is an example of a high powered (200w) DC charger.  It is capable of charging Li-Po batteries at up to 12 amps.  The T6200 requires the use of a power supply such as the eFuel 540, but can also be powered by the battery under the hood of your car. It is important to remember to not charge large Li-Po batteries using the car battery, as it can drain your car battery too much and you may not be able to start your car! 

The Sky RC D200 adds even more functionality and convenience with TWO charging ports, and a soldering iron in an AC/DC powered charger.  Charge two batteries at one time, AND have the ability to solder from one convenient package. 

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