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  • April 13, 2014  -  The 1700mm FMS P-47D Thunderbolt is a wonderful giant-sized warbird.  Although this warbird demonstrates some trainer-like flight qualities, we recommend advanced pilots with plenty of warbird flight training due to its size and power.  This 1700mm P-47 has revised landing gear struts as of 4/2014 resulting in far greater strength.  Please watch our flight demonstration video.  This video was a single take on a very windy day and really highlights how well this plane flies.  The flight characteristics are as amazing as the large scale.  While this plane is extremely large, transportation is not an issue - simply remove 2 screws and a single cable to disconnect a wing.  It does not get any more simple.  This 1700mm plane is an absolute pleasure to fly.  While a lot of people say this, we truly mean it.


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