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  • October 12, 2018  -  The leads in the wings of the 182 labeled GEAR are actually the leads for the FLAPS.  The three leads in the wings labeled as FLAP are actually just the LED leads.  These three leads are all 2-wire leads that go into a 3-wired connector on the corresponding Y-harness that has an additional connector for the tail LED.
  • November 9, 2013  -  Note to beginners:  The FMS Sky Trainer is a fabulous flying plane, but we do not recommend it for hobbyists new to RC airplanes.  If you are a beginner and already have success on a high wing trainer, this plane is fine for you.  If you are brand new to the hobby and have never flown, there are much better options.  Beginners will NOT have success with this plane.


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