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    1. The current configuration of the gyro will be migrated to the new version when updating to V2.0. However please confirm again before the test flight.
    2. The A3 Super 3 programming card will no longer support the previous firmware v1.x.
    3. The PC config utility V2.0 will no longer support the previous firmware v1.x.

    Changes in V2.0:

    1. Stick Reverse, Rate and Expo removed.
    2. Control algorithms improved and default gain level enhanced to get a much more precise reaction of the gyro.
    3. R/R mode (Rotation-Rate-Based control mode) restored.
    4. User-defined mode restored.
    5. Response gain has been renamed to "Gain Drop Curve"and offers 5 options for different control behavior, including L0-Never Drop, L1-Stable, L2-Normal, L3-Sport, L4-3D.
    6. WiFi module support added to use the APP configuration in the future.

    Product Updates:

    • November 9, 2020 - If you have found issues with Freewing servos buzzing with use of this product you can set the servo pulse rate frequency to 250Hz as instructed in the manual including adjusting your servo endpoints.


    If you need any additional assistance, please visit the Motion RC Help Center