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Can I add an item to my order after the order has been placed ?

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  • Category: Customer Service
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to add an item to an order once the order has been placed. Here is why:

    To support the growing demand for hobby products while maintaining our industry-leading shipping speed and fulfillment accuracy, Motion RC has expanded its global operations to include multiple high-speed fulfillment centers. Similar to Amazon and other online retailers, our high-speed fulfillment system runs 24/7. Once your order is placed online, our system immediately begins processing the order for fulfillment including generating pick lists, printing packing slips, dimensioning shipping boxes, etc. Even if your order has not shipped, it has still entered the fulfillment process (7 days a week), and attempting to modify an order results in inconsistency between our ordering system and fulfillment system leading to shipping errors, delays, and other problems. Additionally, for security purposes we do not store PayPal or Credit Card information; therefore, we have no ability to charge you for additional items.

    If you wish to purchase additional items you will need to place a new order for the additional item(s).

    We recommend you always double check your order for accuracy and completeness before submitting payment and completing your order online. 

    Thank you for your business!

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