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Do You Edit Customer Reviews?

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  • Category: Customer Service
  • The only editing we perform for our customer reviews is the filtering out of any profanity.  We otherwise do not censor or edit the customer's wording in any way.  We publish all reviews; the good, the bad and yes even the ugly.  We would never censor negative reviews especially since some of them may offer valid information that may be helpful to the decision process of other customers.

    Motion RC does not necessarily agree or endorse a customer's review.  Sometimes with a customer's overall assessment there could be unintentional false information so we reserve the right to respond to specific reviews (in the cases where their negative experience could be due to inexperience and not necessarily reflective of the aircraft's quality), but we will still choose to publish the review to be as impartial as possible.  

    Ultimately we feel the overall tone of the majority will begin to paint an accurate picture that is helpful to the customer.

    Due to the screening process and other workload factors, reviews are typically published within 2-4 weeks of their initial submission by customers.

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