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Why Can't I Find (Insert Part Here) In The Shipping Box?

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  • Category: Customer Service
  • It is a very common occurrence for customers to contact our customer support agents saying there are parts missing from their order. Usually it's something like a battery or propellers or other smaller part items.  99% of the time, the customer locates the part(s) after our customer service agent kindly requests a more thorough inspection of the box.  

    The packers and shippers in our warehouse often need to be creative in order to get all the parts the customer ordered in one box if at all possible.  The foam inserts have many crevices and holes throughout the mold of the foam shipping box.  It's quite common for them to put smaller parts in these crevices.  

    Important Note: Many times these items may be on the BOTTOM OF THE BOX taped inside one of these said crevices.  

    So by checking the box thoroughly from top to bottom in each and every crevice this will most likely save you the time to contact our customer service agents with a missing parts notification.  

    Before every package leaves our warehouse, the package is weighed precisely. If you are positive you have checked every crevice from top to bottom and your part is still missing, by all means contact our customer service agents, they will be happy to assist in getting the missing part(s) to you as quickly as possible.

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