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Servo Size Explained

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RC servos are categorized into six standard sizes shown in the table below. To help you select the correct servo for your project we have included an approximate weight and size specifications for each servo category. Please note, servos can vary from these guidelines, so always check the product page for detailed specifications. 

Servo Size Weight Range Typical Servo Width Typical Servo Length Typical Applications
Nano Less than 8g 7.5mm 18.5mm Micro airplanes, indoor airplanes, and micro helicopters
Sub-Micro 8g to 16g  11.5mm 24mm 1400mm wingspan and smaller airplanes, small EDF jets, and 200 to 450 size helicopters
Micro 17g to 26g 13mm 29mm 1400 to 2000mm wingspan airplanes, medium and large EDF jets, and 500 sizes helicopters
Mini 27g to 39g 17mm 32.5mm 600 size helicopters
Standard 40g to 79g 20mm 38mm 2000mm wingspan and larger airplanes, turbine powered jets, and 700 to 800 size helicopters
Large 80g and Larger > 20mm > 38mm Giant scale airplanes and jets


Servo Measurement Key

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