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Why RC Simulators Can Be Key To Your Success

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  • Years ago when someone wanted to learn how to fly RC airplanes, they had to find an RC club in their area and find a member who could help them learn by way of "Buddy Box" (The instructor's radio would be linked to the beginner's radio).  While this is still a viable method and very much in practice today, the truth is, with the advancement of RC Simulators on the home computer, learning to fly has never been more exciting and accessible.

    There are numerous benefits to learning to fly RC using simulator software.  Let's take a look at the key benefits:

    Unparalleled Flight Physics and Immersive Graphics

    These days the graphic engines and flight dynamics in the latest versions of the leading RC simulator software are quite simply extraordinary which results in mind-boggling realism.  There's little sense of learning how to fly RC on a simulator unless the software provides as real an experience as possible and this level of realism is standard these days.

    You Can Use Your Own Transmitter

    Depending on the software version, many RC simulators now offer versions that allow you to use your own transmitter with the program.  This can be extremely beneficial as this affords you the opportunity to become more comfortable with your transmitter's options, features and feel of the sticks.  This all translates 100% to the real RC model.

    Real Life Models Don't Have Reset Buttons

    Crashing a real RC model has real consequences.  Besides the sadness and being upset over a crash, it can affect your bank account adversely.  Crashing can be costly especially as you try to learn the hobby.  Simulators have reset buttons that make the true-life impact disappear.  The only result of crashing in the Simulator is resetting and starting over like it never happened.  You can safely learn to fly without the real world consequence.  No walks of shame, no depression, just move on to a new flight.  Learning has never been easier.

    Fly A Diverse Selection of RC Aircraft

    Unless money, time and space is no object, chances are you will only have a small selection of RC aircraft at any one time at your disposal.  With most simulators there is a wide range of RC aircraft to enjoy.  From jets (turbine, gas and EDF), giant scale warbirds, civil aircraft, helicopters and drones, the large selection allows you to diversify your skills on RC models you may not have access to in every day life.  This alone can further develop your "stick skills".  The more diverse aircraft you have experience with, the better RC pilot you will no doubt become.

    Hone Your Drone/FPV Skills

    RC Simulators tend to emulate the latest RC trends such as drones and FPV flying...Two currently hot sectors of the hobby.  Master the latest RC flying trends safely in the comfort of your home.  There are also challenges to help you develop your skills as well.

    Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful?

    Unless you are flying a micro or small aircraft in a large indoor facility like a school gym, chances are poor weather conditions are keeping your aircraft grounded.  One of the greatest advantages of using a simulator is that it doesn't matter what the weather is doing outside.  You control your weather and environment in the simulator.  Just because the rain is causing some things outside to get rusty doesn't mean your stick skills have to suffer the same fate.

    These are just some of the reasons you should seriously consider purchasing an RC Simulator.  It is truly an investment in the hobby that pays for itself over and over again.  Teach yourself impressive 3D skills without ever breaking a single piece of foam or balsa.  Get that valuable stick time in even during the most treacherous of storms.  

    While having access to an instructor willing to Buddy Box you and teach you is still a wonderful method, RC Simulators should be considered an excellent teaching tool as well in this day and age.  

    To check out the RC Simulators we offer, click here.

    NOTE:  Please read the software's minimum system requirements to make sure your computer can handle the processing and memory needs allowing you to take full advantage of all that these latest software releases can offer.  

    As always, if you have any additional questions or comments, reply to this blog below or feel free to contact our excellent Customer Support Team at 224-633-9090 Monday through Friday between 8am-6pm Central Time.

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