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MKS Servos

MKS Professional Grade RC Servos

Discerning RC pilots and drivers entrust their machines’ control movements to the precision of MKS servos. MKS is known for its “cut no corners” approach to servo design and innovation, earning a global reputation for high performance across its extensive product catalog. Increasingly used in high-performance RC aircraft, composite turbine jets, gas engine powered warbirds, Roban and RotorScale helicopters, gliders, boats, trucks, and other surface vehicles, MKS offers users alternatives to other industry standards like Hitec and Futaba. In fact, MKS produces an equivalent for almost any servo application in the RC Hobby, from high voltage brushless servos, gimbal servos, car steering servos, mini and micro sizes, and even specialty servos including 760us servos for specific rudder environments.

We like MKS’ high-end features including CNC milled aluminum cases, coreless motor high voltage drivetrains, and hybrid casing servos, and we highly recommend them for use in Roban Scale Helicopters and any machine demanding the absolute best in precise control.