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Benchcraft PC110 Airbrush Compressor Kit with Tank and Fan (incl BCT5025-008 Airbrush)



Benchcraft PC110 Airbrush Compressor Kit with Tank and Fan (incl BCT5025-008 Airbrush)

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PC110 Airbrush Compressor Kit with Tank and Fan (incl BCT5025-008 Airbrush) w/ US Plug from Benchcraft - BCT5025-006

The perfect mid-level set for hobbyists and crafters expecting longer painting sessions, this Benchcraft Compressor and Airbrush Set includes everything except your project and paint! This USA wall plug powered set combines an upgraded compressor with integrated tank, a BCT5025-008 airbrush, a basic airbrush hose and starter tools. The BCT5025-008 double-action airbrush is ideal for both fine details and medium coverage with its 0.3mm needle. The upgraded compressor is quiet enough for indoor operation, and requires zero internal maintenance. Additionally, the compressor includes an integrated air tank, meaning that the compressor automatically turns off when the tank is full, and automatically turns back on to refill the tank when the tank is empty. This can result in several minutes of silence while airbrushing, which is perfect for indoor painting booths.

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Low Noise and Maintenance Free

Low Noise and Maintenance Free

An efficient piston driven, oil-less design generates 1/5HP at a low 47 decibel noise level, ideal for indoor use. The entire system is maintenance free!


Adjustable Pressure Gauge

Fine tune the air pressure to suit different paint types and preferences with a convenient twist-then-lock pressure gauge. Clear dial readouts are provided in PSI and Bar.

Adjustable Pressure Gauge
Efficient and Versatile

Efficient and Versatile

Generating a maximum of 95PSI/6.5Bar, this compressor can be used for airbrushing fine detail work at 10-15 PSI or for larger industrial applications requiring 50-70+ sustained PSI!

Moisture Trap and Air Filter

A built-in moisture trap prevents unwanted moisture from entering the airbrush’s air supply. The integrated air filter and pressure release valve can be vented with the simple press of a button.

Moisture Trap and Air Filter
Industry Standard

Industry Standard

Common sized 1/8” and ¼” threaded fittings ensure compatibility with many major brands of airbrushes and accessories, including Benchcraft.

Carry Handle and Rubber Feet

A stowable carry handle allows convenient relocation near a power outlet with the included 6 foot long power cord. Rubber cup-style feet further dampen noise and vibration on any dry surface.

Carry Handle and Rubber Feet
Cooling Fan

Cooling Fan

Ensure cooler operation for longer painting sessions with the integrated cooling fan.

Safety Valve

A built-in high-pressure safety valve automatically regulates the pressure within the auxiliary tank. DO NOT remove the safety valve.

Safety Valve


  • Maintenance Free
  • Low Noise
  • Adjustable Pressure Gauge
  • Efficient and Versatile
  • Portable, easy to carry and store
  • Moisture trap and air filter for convenience
  • Common industry 1/8" BSP threaded fittings
  • Cooling fan and safety valve


  • Benchcraft PC110 Airbrush Compressor Kit with Tank and Fan w/ US Plug
  • BCT5025-008 Airbrush 
  • Basic Air Hose
  • Instruction Manual and Service Wrench


Product Specifications:


1/5 HP

Working Pressure

15-50 psi

Generator Type

Oil-less Piston-Driven, Maintenance-Free


Single Cylinder Piston Compressor







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